Events terms and conditions Glasgow

Terms and conditions for the creation and management of plans or events

By accepting the terms and conditions, the following is expressly accepts:

1) Have read and understood the provisions of the general terms of the web (Privacy)

2) Have read, understood and accepted the following responsibilities as creator / and manager / to plans / events in Glasgow city friends.


The user's obligation is to ensure attention to users during all processes of the activity. Facilitate email or phone in case it is requested.

Full responsibility for the organization, information, production, management and implementation of the plan or activity created through Glasgow city friends by people who freely propose rests on the latter, exempting from any responsibility to Glasgow city friends in every sense. Glasgow city friends is not responsible is not responsible for any event, act or omission related with the overall management plan or activity or the plan or activity (these expressions understood in its broadest sense), Glasgow city friends it is only responsible for publicizing the plan or activity through its website, also answering the creator of the plan or activity of the veracity of the total publicized information through Glasgow city friends.

The events within the activity falls on the organizers of the activity exempting from any responsibility to Glasgow city friends in every sense.

Information Rights

The content of the activity will be public for all users as well as for external applications and websites like Google, Facebook etc ...

It is not allowed under any circumstances collect information from other users.

Glasgow city friends reserves the right to remove or modify any information it deems necessary for the proper functioning of the page, also reserves the right to remove a user activity anytime you understand that it is not appropriate