Looking for love Glasgow  12 sep 2017

I need is a man with a good heart

I am an easy going person with high. integrity I love too meet an be friendly too

I am a slim lady I love too go outing there is no cloth that doesn't look good an me

I have been heart broken so many times all I need is a man with a good heart an is God fearing who ready too love despite every he has gone through who is ready forgive an let go of his past


Ally Hi there, i am for the first time in a while that there-s hope for me still. you have reminded me that i have a good heard . this is despite the battering it has taken. maybe it-s my turn to be loved properly which will allow me to love again. im willing to try. although im a devoted dad and love my kids dearly surely they would benefit even more if there dad was in love again only this time for my reasons and not for theirs.